Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Some times life just seems like it is all about luck. Good luck, Bad luck, Carma whatever it is we seem to be having our share of trials. I feel sometimes as though it is the storm before the rainbow. My life has seemed to work like that. We had to move last week. We got a weeks notice that we had to be out of our house it is a long story. Our truck got hit by a drunk driver on fathers day (8 thousand dollars worth of damage) Wes an I both lost our phones, Wes got two flat tires, Landon's cutting teeth, and I have no TV until July 7th. We are living in Roseville now in a three bedroom apt. for free. You think i would be ecstatic, and I am really happy but I am also really sick of change. Life is about change they say and I know that but I just need to be for a little while to breath if you will. I have a good feeling about being here though i am sad about leaving all my friends that were so close. If it were not for Aaron and Emily I would be going insane, it is so nice to be close to them. Well I better make the most of it, hopefully I will be here longer then 6 months.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Newport Beach

Just a couple pics from this weekend more to come soon!!!!!

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