Thursday, July 31, 2008

Loon Lake

As most of you know Wes calls me Loon, or Loony, or Luno, and most often the Loony Lou so when we ended up camping at Loon lake it was very fitting. We went up with our friends the Davidson's to camp at Ice house but after going through 500 camp sites and 4 and half hours of driving we ended up at Loon lake and pulling over on the side of the road hiking back and camping at 11:30 @ night. We set up camp and besides the fact that California is burning so we couldn't start a camp fire we had a great time. We got up @ 4:30 the next morning to fish and I caught my first fish thanks to captain Andy!! we had a great time and decide that Loon lake is our new favorite place to camp and fish. Thanks Andy and Christi for the great weekend.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Many posts await you!

Sorry that i have not blogged in while as you can tell from my last post life has been crazy. We are settled in now and i have found the time to update you all on the past month. Landon is getting so big and i cant believe how time flys. I am in a much better state of mind now that we are settled and back from vacation. I feel the most peaceful i have felt in a very long time. I hope that means that we are right were the Lord wants us. I believe our luck has changed! So, sorry for all the posts at once but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Elder Dallin Rogers!!

While we were in Utah we got to drop my brother off at the MTC. He is serving in Florida for the next two years and i could not be prouder. It was not as sad as i expected i am so grateful that he gets the opportunity to share the Gospel. He going to do amazing things! We will Miss you Dallin!

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We went to Utah for 8 days last week. It was a great week. Landon had lots of kids to play with and Wes and had Todd and Lisa to keep us company. Wes got to play lots of basketball and shoot guns. I got to get a massage and eat junk food all week it was great. I love Utah i never thought in a million years I would say that but it is true. There is something so safe about being there. Life seems to move at such a slower pace.

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July 4th 2008

So this fouth of July we were in Utah with the Hendersons. For those of who dont know Todd Henderson is Wes's best friend they are like 5 year old boys when they get togther. We spent the day relaxing and then in the evening we lite fireworks. We had a great time and it was they most realaxing forth of July I have ever had.

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Newport Pictures

I realize that i was supposed to put these pics up forever ago but better late then never. Landon loved the beach. It was his first trip and he is always up for a new adventure. He found the sand very appetizing, and would eat it every chance he got. He would crawl out into the waves and wait to get knocked over, crazy if you ask me but he is the non stop adventurer.

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Erins wedding

Congratulations to Erin and Chad who got married this June. The wedding was great and Erin looked beautiful. It was a super fun weekend and we got to see family that we never get to see. Landon enjoyed himself and danced up a storm.

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