Friday, November 28, 2008

Party Like a Rock star this Thanksgiving

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Who knew a cat could pee in the toilet?

Last week I was asked by the manager at the apartment complex were we live if i wanted a cat. I said no due the fact that i really don't like cats. I think of cats and i think cat hair, cat poop, litter boxes and hair balls all of which are disgusting and vile things. But later in the week i saw them carrying this cat out to the car and asked if they had found the cat a home. They said no they were going to take him to the SPCA. The cat had been abandoned in an apartment by his family. So i took the cat so that i could find it a proper home. Little did i know that this is the coolest cat ever. Landon rides him like a horse and pulls his tail and all he dose is meow. He sleeps on the foot of our bed like he has lived here his whole life. He can open cupboards climb inside and close the door and last but not least, HE CAN PEE IN THE TOILET NO JOKE WE SAW IT! I think this kitty may be a keeper.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Jason Mraz concert

For one of my best friend Nicole's birthday I bought us concert tickets to see Jason Mraz at the Greek theater in Berkly and it was awesome i definitely left a bigger fan them when I arrived and that is saying a lot. It was a beautiful nigh the weather despite the rain the day before was perfect! He is an incredible musician and entertainer. I am so glad i got to go to such a great event and even more grateful for my friend Nicole she is one of the greatest women i have ever known!!

Halloween 2008

I have to say i am very pleased with how Halloween went this year. I didn't think Landon would enjoy it all that much and i am proud to say I was wrong. He loved it! We had a really great time in Manteca with everyone. Halloween is way better with kids!

We also carved pumkins with Aaron and emily the day before halloween we were very pleased with how they turned out and had a great time.