Monday, January 21, 2008


When will it ever end? I have a myspace, a face book and now a blogg! Well I have to admit that I like all this stuff. Wes gets sick of me always playing around with all my little sites. He makes fun of me, but I know that he secretly loves all this stuff too. So my blogging days begin here we go.


mamarogers said...

I have the most beautiful Grandson, Daughter & Son in Law! How BLESSED I am!
Love You,

mamarogers said...

This is my favorite Grandson!

Gilly Funk said...

LANI!! a BLOG! I am excited to add you to my list of friends that blog. Now we can totally keep better contact with each other. I love the baby back pack too! It is the best invention. Landons a cutie by the way!

Forrest Hickman said...

Hey Looney;
I read your profile, you mentioned that Wes likes watching "spots". Man! The married life must be REALLY boring for him now. lolol

His Highness
Forrest Hickman