Thursday, February 21, 2008

San Diego

Landon and I went to San Diego for a week to help out my family. I know you may expect sunny pictures of us at the beach but the truth is we stayed inside most the trip. The best thing about the whole thing was that I had a built in babysitter the whole time I was there, a dog named kuku. Landon and Kuku played for hours on end it was great. We need to get him a dog of his own.

When I got back I had never been so happy to see Wes. He is my best friend and the greatest Dad in the world.

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Gilly Funk said...

I love that pic of landon and his daddy! Landons hair ROCKS!
If he was that happy with the dog you DEFINETLY need to get one!

Sarah said...

Hey there cutie! I love your blog so fun! Jacob set up his own this week along with ours.