Monday, March 2, 2009

Utah Day #2

So Landon and I went to Utah in January to see my mom and sisters. It was a great snow filled trip. With lots of Cafe Rio, a trip to chucky cheese, and snow shovelling with Grandma. I was really nervous about the flight with Landon but he did great and said airpane for days.

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~Joe, Meli and Tommy said...

Your son is so cute...he looks like a little trouble maker though. All toddlers are. Hey Wes, just thought I'd say hi seeing that I haven't talked to you in a long while. What are you up to? I've got to tell you it sucks not having any friends. Here at school I've got friends that I hang out with but nobody after school. We have no "couple" friends. We get together sometimes with people from the ward but nothing with "sustinance" you know what I mean? I wish that I could live in California close to you all so that I could have friends that I have a history with. Oh well, my family and my manikin head (that I do all my dental work practice on) keeps me occupied with lots of fun stuff. Its good that me and melisa have almost all the same likes and dislikes with movies, food, hobbies, etc. We are best friends. We just wish we had people to invite over once and a while. Enough with the sad Write me back ( or give me a call. My number is still the 503 number that I think you still have. I'd love to talk. Later buddy.
~Joe Byram