Monday, April 7, 2008

What is that smell?

On Thursday of last week we noticed a smell in the bathroom. I thought that Wes had just had done some serious business in there but when the smell was worse in the morning I decided that I should clean the bathroom, dump the trash, so on and so forth it must be something in the bathroom. Friday night it got worse, and we realized that it smelled like a dead animal. Wes went to the store around 11:00 pm to get some Oder eliminator but nothing helped. Over the next few hours the smell seeped through the entire house. At the same time Landon has been sick and has been throwing up, diarrhea. Our house was a stink zone.

Around midnight I began looking up dead animal removers and came across some one who could come out first thing in the morning. So after a horribly stinky night around 10:00 AM DAVY BROTHERS animal removal service showed up. He walked in and said yes it is dead and under your house. He suited up, crawled under the house and this is what he found.

A 15-20 pound dead Possum. Yes folks the biggest possum he had ever seen. He proceeded to tell me that it was "crawling". Whats that I asked? (After looking at the picture you may think dumb question.) "With maggots," he said. Guess I need to work on my dead animal lingo.


Gilly Funk said...

That is the sickest thing I have ever seen. Seriously! I was eating a string cheese while reading that and I almost wanted to throw up. How long had it been under there? I am so glad that you got it out! That is nasty

Emily and Aaron Carter said...

I literally started feeling sick when I saw that picture. I'm glad someone else got to take it out and that neither of you had to go climbing around and find that thing under your house. Yuck!

Forrest Hickman said...

And here all the time you thought that smell was from Wes! Bet you feel bad now.